Hi5 gets exclusive representation in Portugal

UPDATE (25/03/07): After all, the deal lasted less than a month, as the social network closed a deal with the largest portuguese portal, Sapo. One of the reasons for this turnaround might have been the high volume of traffic and data generated and the low response times to advertisers from AdSignal, something that shouldn’t be a problem to Sapo.

While in U.S. Market MySpace is king, here in Europe things are a little different. In Portugal for example, the social network of excellence is Hi5, with more than 1 million registered users, being the third most visited website in Portugal according to MediaMonitor and Alexa.

Hi5 screenshot


Ad Signal was recently chosen as their media partner thanks to their local expertise.

Source: AdSignal

One thought on “Hi5 gets exclusive representation in Portugal

  1. MySpace is, by my beliefs not as good as Hi5 and it is great to see that it is doing better in countries other than the US. 😉

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