Levi’s brings back retro-HTML

The ad was already superb but who would have thought that the website had such a twist. Levi’s did a great job at Levi Cooper and given us some underground vision (literally) of their new collection. Forget those web 2.o gradients or alpha video on Flash sites ! Grey input buttons and extra large image slices are back !

Levis Cooper

Source: Adverblog

This “back to the future” approach does bring some nostalgia. I’ve learned HTML markup around 1996 and it seems ages ago when i was using HotDog editor (any web veteran out there that used this app?) and hacking Java beans. Oh my, those were the days when we had all the fun with animated GIFs and blink tags.

While i’ve witnessed recently some web design approaches to this web-kitsch feeling, Levis Cooper is one of the most elaborate attempts, mixing carefully crafted art direction with the feel of early days markup, a lot like those first attempts of NetArt by Entropy8.

Entropy8 screenshot

Entropy8 1997 screenshot (via

One thing i’m sure: whoever designed it at OgilvyOne/Singapore, didn’t came from print, since most of these professionals use and abuse ot the typical landscape layout, forgetting that the page grows and scrolls and that iframes aren’t supposed to be used as layout gimmicks.

First browser screenshot
The first browser, by Tim-Berners Lee.

Drawing a comparison to fashion, early web design is now retro and is ready to be the next trend. After all, the world wide web is about to turn 18.

Bring back those java applets 🙂