Continuing with this week’s corny websites, my friend Andre just tipped me about a new MTV sponsored website: Rodney Heals.

Rodney Heals

It’s a really strange mix of whale music with new-age spiritualism and aura pictures! Lots of social networking/viral tools available also. I’m feeling weird … Aummmmm.

Update: let’s not forget the credits

Product : MTV (
Agency : N/A
Country : New Zealand
Creatives : Gaysorn Thavat (Director), Gaysorn Thavat (Copywriter) and Claris Harvey (Producer)
Other Credits : D.O.P : Ginny Loane
Interactive director: Kentaro Yamada

One thought on “Rodney heals

  1. What could possible be the goal of this website? Any commercial benefits? I think not. Why made? Don’t know! Art maybe.

    Love it though.

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