Inspiring links: the weekend roundup

Trying to catch up with feeds, with some great stuff to share:

  • Psst!2 brings us “nine films, made over a 4 month stretch by 27 different teams with over 70 people – working in 12 different cities in 5 countries”.
  • Robert Hodgin (from interactive agency Barbarian Group) has some Processing goodies
  • For extended pleasure, the ultimate iPod Acsexsory: iBod
  • Playing with Legos for a living
  • Polish portfolio of Peter Jaworowski
  • Find out what’s in the box from Adobe
  • a new vision on big brother conspiracy
  • another social network: Virb. This one at least as an eye for design.
  • Consumer generated mashup by Hyundai
  • SkyScout is a great gadget for the wannabe astronomer
  • A more futuristic gadget is Epoc, a headset that uses the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expression.
  • Some hope on the war against spam
  • Doing graffiti the legal way: with RFID and mobile phones

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