Flash based Trillian

Information overload is consuming us. And if you need to sort out a way to deal with a ton of RSS feeds and constant Instant Messages, then maybe the next Trillian is for you.

Trillian Astra

Codenamed Trillian Astra, and available for alpha testing, the new messaging client from Cerullean Studios has a impressive roll of features:

  • Web based chat
  • Cross platform (Mac/PC)
  • Interoperability (integrates MSN, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, Gtalk, MySpace)
  • Ubiquitous contact list (download on login)
  • Open protocol
  • SecureIM encryption
  • Widgets integration
  • RSS news bar
  • Instant skin change (no restart required)
  • Memory usage and leaks reduced

Kevin Kurtz has a screencast where he showcases the new technology:

The application is based on the new Flash Player 9 (not Apollo), being one of the finest examples of RIA i’ve seen lately. Altough i haven’t used Trillian for ages (in Linux i use Gaim, and on XP the standalone IMs) i’m curious to see how this little Flash gem will face the competition, specially the web ones like UserPlane.