The rise of bloggers

“If you can’t beat them, join them”, was perhaps the recurring thought at DuPont, one of the largest industrial companies in the USA, as they closed the deal to a series of science stories with Amanda Congdom, one of the blogs superstars and former videocast hostess at RocketBoom.

Amanda Congdom at

Everyday situations are narrated by the sexy voice of Amanda with several DuPont product placements in the videos. In a similar style to RocketBoom webisodes, they do not intend to be viral, but rather more educational and perhaps more in the tone of serious pro-bloggers, the ideal seeders to spread the word on DuPont Labs. I think they’ve got me, then.

As in any knowledge circle, those who are most listened tend to be a more credible source of information, so it makes all the sense that if you’re a company really interested in talking in the same language as bloggers do, you’d better off hiring someone who really “talks the talk and walks the walk”.