The web without the internet

On a recent interview, Henriette called my attention to what she thought would be the next tendency on the internet: the web without the internet. I believe this is already happening with the latest release of Apollo or the silent adoption of widgets by home users.

Take for instance Apollo from Adobe, a cross-platform solution to deploy deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop, with powerful interactive experiences on the desktop. The great thing about Apollo is the seamless integration between a set of web based technologies (Flex, XHTML, Javascript, Ajax) but able to run as standalone desktop applications, with no browser needed. If you’re a more visual learner and want to be a pro, check the videos at to get a quick introduction.


As for widgets, although they can be web-based, most of the fun comes when they jump into the desktop. OSX has the famous Dashboard widgets and the new Windows Vista (also) copied the feature. Users are craving for rich experiences on the desktop, whether it’s content syndication or personal information management, and the shortest path to get the offline/online state are probably widgets.

Companies are still scratching the surface of these new tools, traditionally in areas such as weather, news or sports, but i still haven’t seen a suite of co-branded desktop widgets or perhaps some intranet widgets, that would surely have a added value for the user.