The software package has just launched, with several editions available, and thanks to some early leaks we had a sneak peak on pricing and packaging details:

Product Retail Pricing
CS3 Design Premium (up) $1799.95
CS3 Design Standard $1199.95
CS3 Web Premium $1599.95
CS3 Web Standard $999.95
CS3 Production Premium (up) $1699
CS3 Master Collection $2499
InDesign CS3 $699.95
Photoshop CS3 Extended $999.95
Photoshop CS3 $649.95
Illustrator CS3 $599.95
Flash CS Professional $699.95
Dreamweaver CS3 $399.95
Fireworks CS3 $299.95
Contribute CS3 $149.95
After Effects CS3 Professional $999
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 $799
Soundbooth $199

CS3 pricing

Source: MacRumors

CS3 box

Source: Apple Insider

The editions scheme seems a bit confusing, as if Adobe is borrowing ideas from Vista. But be warned: if you want to be a designer these days, it will cost you at least of $999 USD.

Update: this morning (GMT 0) , there was a product special on Adobe homepage, and there will be a webcast of the launch event.

My favorite features (as a flash developer):

  • Flash integration with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
  • Flash IDE now supports Actionscript 3, with improved debugger
  • 3D compositing in Photoshop
  • Improved vanishiog points in Photoshop, exportable to After Efffects

The big winner in CS3 seems to be Flash, although Photoshop has some impressive features on specialized areas.