Federated Portuguese Bloggers

I had to mention this today, since some of the authors are fellow bloggers.

Tubarão Esquilo
Tubarao Esquilo went live today, being one of the most serious attempts as a federated content network of portuguese blogs. Nothing too pretentious at the beginning, but from an ad agency perspective i’m curious to see how this goes.

Not that i’m expecting anything too serious such as The Deck, Federated Media or 9 rules (although technically 9 rules is more of an aggregator). And while the mainstream portuguese marketing is still more comfortable with online display ads or AdWords, it’s a matter of time until some brands start innovating with micro-targeting in more specialized niche content.

Good luck, folks!

– thumbs down to no only one women on the initial authors list
– i still don’t get the name (translated as Squirrel Shark). A really poor branding choice.

4 thoughts on “Federated Portuguese Bloggers

  1. thanks for your kind words. There are a few women on the network, I am sure it is just a matter of time until their names show up on the list.

    As for the name (no, I don~t know what it means) I find it catchy. than again I have been involved with the project since January.
    Why do think this is a poor branding choice? Out of my head I recall a post from Seth rebating some critics on Squido… Poor branding, too? Not that I claim that whoever came up with TE’s name was a visionary 🙂

  2. If Seth launched something named XYZWK (instead of Squidoo)it probably had the same chances of becoming successful. Let’s just say that with an audience that large, half the work is done.

    But even more important than a name is the strategic vision. Forget that and you might as well call yourself Kodak.

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