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I thought these million dollar schemes were over, but to find this one from a Portuguese developer amazes me. The guy has some dubious intentions on buying air time (on US) with one ad per frame. I don’t want to ruin this guy business, but here’s 2 thoughts: viewers don’t click and the frame rate is too fast to even figure what brand is there?

Then again, maybe this is just some personal marketing stunt. Or maybe there are people dumb enough to go for that stuff. Whatever.

Source: MIT Ad Lab

5 thoughts on “Million Dollar Ad

  1. Thanks for your post.

    Being reviewed on so many prominent blogs so far, it got to be one from a Portuguese fellow citizen to give me the first real trash evaluation.

    Nothing new there. Pathetic people we are, indeed.

    I have to admit, however, that you went a little over the line calling my customers “dumb”.

  2. Being portuguese surely doesn’t qualify me to be quiet about something i find absurd, or does it?

    After all, you haven’t really given any evidence (such as audience ratings, viewers, metrics, ROI, networks contracts) of the non-dubious nature of your service, but rather seem to bee waiting for some good-willing press coverage to make a few bucks.

    And sorry calling your other 2 customers dumb – let me rephrase it: they are rather ill informed and easily convinced by hype.

    Regarding the claim of being reviewed on prominent blogs, many thanks for including me in the other 20 few (according to technorati). And yes, most of these reviews also seem to agree this is just another version of the Million Dollar Page.
    MarketingPilgrim is very suspicious how this will work out, ThinkInPictures predicts a failure and Mashable even offers a long time and much more efficient solution, via SpotRunner.

    If you need to legitimate a product by excluding negative reviews, then you’re off to a bad start. Don’t start by shooting the messenger.

  3. To the creator of
    first: you sell 2 frames, buy other 3 yourself and advertise 8 sold frames. Stop bs’ing people!

    second: clearly you have no clue how to advertise in the US, and we can see that on your faq.

    third: how can you be so dumb and not even know that NTSC is 30fps and not 25fps? This is just hilarious! You are trying so sell something that doesn’t exist! Yes, NTSC 25fps broadcasted on US does not exist!

    Do you really expect people to believe you?

    I usually which good luck to this kind of projects, but this one looks more of a scam than a real thing. Thumbs down!

  4. So many envy, lol! That’s good, that’s very good indeed; all my life I have dealt with that; I am used to it.

    First, to Armando, just answer me this: If the idea was indeed so bad why did you take the time to bash it? Unless your blog aim is to provide a valuable spam alert service for your readers. Doesn’t make much sense on a blog called “source of inspiration”, right?
    I like negative reviews. I just donÂ’t like trash reviews. ThatÂ’s what I have said and maintain.

    Second, to the mysterious anonymous “visitor” who does not even have the guts to come out of the shadow: Indeed I made a mistake with the frame rate. It is going to be corrected soon. No harm done, just a readjustment of the frames and good news, since the video will be smaller.
    You are calling me a liar and a crook. I have only one thing to reply to you: please provide your ID details so that I can take action on the proper manner.

    One last thing Armando, the “I” is always caps.

  5. As a consumer i intend to bash any product that I find valueless.
    As a decision maker at a ad agency, i have a duty to enlighten my clients of the threats and opportunities of digital marketing.
    As a blogger, i share what i find inspiring, entertaining, curious or whatever that is worthy of inspiring debate. But most important, I write a lot about online marketing, and if schemes like the Million Dollar page keep popping up, it won’t do any good to the growth of online marketplace, with advertisers loosing their trust in the medium.

    The post does feel like a trash review. But then again, it’s my blog so I’m surely entitled to do it, and probably I’ll even change my opinion if OurAdTV delivers a good service.

    Meanwhile, keep building a better service, with accurate numbers and lots of info, get someone to help you on your PR and eventually find some network to air you commercial.

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