E-mkt 2007 is the first Portuguese conference on e-marketing, with invited speakers discussing the role of new media on traditional marketing strategies.

e-mkt 2007

Here’s the program schedule (19th April) :

10h00m Web 2.0 – Plano Tecnológico e o E-MKT
Rui Grilo – Portuguese Technology Plan Coordinator

10h45m Putting e-Marketing in Context
Alain Heureux – IAB Europe President

11h15 Coffee-Break

11h45 Media Trends and the development of e-commerce across Europe
Alison Fennah – EIAA Executive Director

12h30 e-Marketing Integrated Tools
Ricardo Pereira – Elemento Digital – Business Development Manager
Luis Serra / Elemento Digital – e-Marketing Manager

13h00 РAlmo̤o

14h15 SEM – Specific Web Marketing Tools
Chewy Trewhella / Google Customer Solutions Engineer

15h00 Online Advertising Case-Study Vivebem
Sérgio Leitão – Elec3city Advertising Manager

15h45 Coffee-Break

16h00 Search Engine Marketing
Inês Gonçalves / Google Ireland
João Anastácio / Google Ireland

16h45 Web 2.0

It surely will be quite interesting to anyone who works at SEM to have a first hand experience from Google professionals and get to know some interesting case studies in the Portuguese e-marketing industry. A must-go conference for any marketing manager or interactive professional. Sign up here.

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