Google buys DoubleClick

Google buys Doubleclick

The circle is now complete, with Google closing the gap and acquiring the only thing that was missing in their digital marketing services portfolio. With the strong reputation of asset management that DoubleClick technologies offer, and mainly through their ability to integrate third party assets, Google has given the final stab in Microsoft aspiration at online advertising.

DoubleClick did some buzz lately, with their intention to create a online ad marketplace, and perhaps that spurred the interest at Mountain View, that had some changes ($3.1 billion) to spend. One of the question that remains to be answered is wheter the platform will be provided to Google users for free, much in the same way that Urchin became Analytics. If this happens, it will represent a enormous boost in online advertising, as publishers could finally benefit of a widespread technology and standards, with equivalent metrics and centralized asset management.

Press release: Google, DoubleClick