Some quick notes on the E-mkt 2007 conference:

Alain Heureux, IAB European president, gave a quick overview of digital marketing and the challenges that our industry faces to be recognized by companies as a trustful medium, and the perspective of creating a IAB portuguese local office. Alain also challenged/invited us to be at IAB Congress “Let’s Interact” in Belgium, the next 4th and 5th of June – if you’re planning to attend, leave me a message and maybe we can plan something.

Alison Fennah, Executive Director of the EIAA, had the most interesting presentation of the day, with great qualitative research and solid figures (if i’m not mistaken the name of the study was MediaScope) about the European internet industry.

Ricardo and Luis, from Elemento Digital (one of the main sponsors), did a quick overview of what e-marketing can do and explained some terminology less familiar to the audience.

The most awaited presentations were from Google, one of the main reasons people attended the event. To my surprise, they actually under delivered. Most of the talks were rather commercial, only evangelizing their products (Webmaster tools, ADWords and AdSense) and not addressing the challenges of publishers and brands.
I guess that explains the FOG (Fear of Google) feeling that was among some of the audience, that had some interesting questions during the day:

Ricardo from had some hands-on questions about SEM campaigns, and Maria João from Sapo (the largest portuguese portal) pointed some concerns about the discretionary decisions on banning publishers from their Adsense program. My guess is that she didn’t read the terms of service quite well, and probably the site was banned for running a competing platform.

One of the questions i made, remains yet to be answered: “What will happen to DoubleClick? How will it fit in Google set of technologies?”. I guess the folks here at Europe don’t have a clue about strategic decisions made at Mountain View.

Overall, it was a good start and maybe next year other professionals, organizations and advertisers all gather to look in a different way at e-marketing, a essential discipline at any marketing mix. We surely need more of these events to share our best practices and (here’s my challenge to fellow professionals) create our own national association.

6 thoughts on “E-mkt 2007 wrapup

  1. Apenas um reparo: Não é Ricardo e João da Elemento Digital mas sim Ricardo e Luis.

  2. Oops, confused by the Google speaker, Jọo Рupdated now.
    From Elemento Digital have spoken Ricardo Pereira and Luis Serra. Other speakers not mentioned were:
    – Rui Grilo (with some data about the portuguese technological plan)
    – Elec3city Portugal, with 2 of their case studies

  3. On the whole I beleive Alison FennahÂ’s presentation and ChewyÂ’s saved the event for me. Everything else was quick overview of e-mkting which was too simplified for the target audience.

    I hope to see some events that cater to people with know-how in e-mkt and thus really offer new insight on specific topics.

    Finally I believe our own national organization would be a great idea.

  4. “My guess is that she didnÂ’t read the terms of service quite well, and probably the site was banned for running a competing platform.”

    Pensar que eu iriaa a uma conferência, em representação do SAPO, colocar questões a um representante do Google, por causa de um site pessoal é, pronto….é não me conhecer.

    Your guess is wrong.

    Acontece que há muitíssimos falsos positivos, estranhamente, há um número alargado de sites que assim que começam a manter algum ritmo de ganhos com o adsense, são “expulsos” do programa, sem que haja qualquer explicação. Eu estava a tentar perceber as razões que levam o Google a operar desta forma.

    E por último…não tenho adsense no meu Blog. Já tive, para ver se funcionavam bem nos Blogs do SAPO. Retirei, assim que me apercebi que os anúncios funcionavam lindamente.

  5. I was at the conference as well. I work for Search Marketing as a SEM consultant.

    I found the event quite well organized, but most of the presentations were, in my optinion, bellow par. Often confusing testemony was given about the advantages of online marketing campaigns, specially in the Eli3ricity presentation.

    As for Google. Chewy basically showed us how we can navegate webmaster central… the Portuguese guys from adwords and adsense did indeed seem to be too keen on selling their product, but were very friendly answering tech questions.

    Maria João seems to be in touch with the conspiracy theories surrounding the success of Adwords (and Google revenue rise).

  6. Nope, nada de teorias da conspiração.

    E não há qualquer dúvida acerca da receita de sucesso do adsense, é uma win, win, win situation 🙂
    A minha questão principal prende-se com que parte do “win” cabe a cada interveniente. A questão que coloquei (e que não teve resposta, nem eu estava à espera dela) foi: Que percentagem é que fica para o Goolge, que percentagem é que fica para o dono do espaço. 🙂

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