So here’s one more argument for web standards purists: MTV has just dropped their previous Flash website !
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As someone who came from a Flash background, it’s interesting to see how companies are choosing XHTML when it comes to creating communities or managing too much content. It’s not that it can’t be done in Flash (RoadRunner comes to mind) , it’s just that it becomes quite hard to find the resources (time and people, mostly) and deliver a flexible website. For shorter websites with less content, and more focused on experience, i still think that nothing beats Flash.

As the latest USA Today social revamp showed (increasing in 380% the number of registrations), when you connect to your audience the way they talk to each other, the reward is swift. Teenagers, now used to blogs and MySpace, are no longer into Flashy websites with large pre-loading times and lack of social features. Welcome to Web 2.0, MTV.

Oh, forget the post title – it’s not validating. But it’s a start.

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