Don’t drink and drive.

Recently we did a campaign for Antral (Portuguese taxi association), to increase the usage of their call line.

Through some guerrilla marketing, they’ve managed to get more 50% incoming calls, and the campaign is now set to expand to other cities. See for yourself.

5 thoughts on “Don’t drink and drive.

  1. Well put.
    That actually might happen on a windy night, but on the other hand it would get a bit expensive to get large amounts of magnets.

    Sometimes quantity is preferable to quality, and the point is really to take notice of the call line number, even if you pick it from those who fall down.

  2. When I meant magnet, it was one of those thin ones delivery services give out to costumers.

    Even taxi companies hand then out. I don´t know how much they cost in portugal, but they don´t seem so expensive here in Brazil.

  3. Update

    Actually there was a magnet underneath. I wasn’t on the team that did the action, but they brought me some prisms and a magnet was attached at the bottom. A small magnet, so it wouldn’t fly with the wind.

  4. I used your video on myspace I hope you dont mind ? I like your idea ,,,I would like to get a few people together and do what you did on this video..I think it was a awsome idea.
    I lost my husband and 2 children daughter 8 and son 10 to a drunk driver and I would like others to see your video maybe they could help in making this happen in our town.
    sincerly Shelly

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