New website by WK London and Midas Collective where you get to challenge a friend to find out if you might be a “Hondamentalist”.


With some games and trivia, the interesting section is the competition, where you have the chance to win a day with one of Honda’s racing team. What kept me wondering though is how they achieved the wind effect in the commercial (watch below)…

Oh, here’s a quote from Soichiro Honda, explaining what this Hondamentalism might be all about:

‘Without racing, there is no Honda.’ Whether itÂ’s on the bike track, the race circuit, down a mountain, on a lake – itÂ’s what they do. Excellence in racing is achieved by going that extra mile – squeezing every last drop of effort in order to be the absolute best. ThatÂ’s what Hondamentalism is, and thatÂ’s what the Red H badge embodies.

1 thought on “Hondamentalism

  1. Great ad, amazing website. Really got the idea of Hondamentalism over, at least to me!

    Looking forward to seeing more work from Midas Collective and W+K on this campaign if this is anything to go by. 🙂

    purplesimon out…

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