New website by WK London and Midas Collective where you get to challenge a friend to find out if you might be a “Hondamentalist”.


With some games and trivia, the interesting section is the competition, where you have the chance to win a day with one of Honda’s racing team. What kept me wondering though is how they achieved the wind effect in the commercial (watch below)…

Oh, here’s a quote from Soichiro Honda, explaining what this Hondamentalism might be all about:

‘Without racing, there is no Honda.’ Whether itÂ’s on the bike track, the race circuit, down a mountain, on a lake – itÂ’s what they do. Excellence in racing is achieved by going that extra mile – squeezing every last drop of effort in order to be the absolute best. ThatÂ’s what Hondamentalism is, and thatÂ’s what the Red H badge embodies.

One thought on “Hondamentalism

  1. Great ad, amazing website. Really got the idea of Hondamentalism over, at least to me!

    Looking forward to seeing more work from Midas Collective and W+K on this campaign if this is anything to go by. 🙂

    purplesimon out…

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