How to become an advertising star

I’ve just attended a conference by Guillaume Van Der Stighelen at the 9th Festival of Portugal’s Creative Club.

Guillaume Van Der Stighelen

He is one of the founders of Duval Guillaume, one of the most acclaimed European advertising agencies, and in his speech he focused on how to become a advertising S.TA.R. It goes a bit like this:

  • Start with a big idea: but don’t just start running looking for ideas; instead let them find you, go out for a beer with friend or let some tune on the radio spark the creativity
  • Terrorist action:after you get the idea, you have to really act like a terrorist so others don’t grind you down and kill the idea. Don’t be afraid to fight against the status quo.
  • Admirable Agreeable: have a nice attitude with clients and do your best to understand their point of view.and be receptive to other points of view
  • Respectable Respect the others : let other earn their share of success, and understand that we are all human beings craving for acceptation .

Other than this precious acronym gem, he also showcased his agency work and shared some great stories, specially the closing note with a scientific explanation of why society needs advertising, based on the works by Geoffrey Miller. (Buy at Amazon UK / US).

Here’s one of Duval Guillaume commercials:

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  1. Guillaumes’ conference was brilliant! If anyone gets the chance to speak to him, or hear him at a conference, don’t waste it. Congratulations to the Creatives Club for bringing him here.

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