I’m a sucker for soundtracks as they’re usually offer a great selection of music. And if you happen (as i am) to be a fan of Heroes, then you definitely have to check this blog:

Heroes Soundtrack

It’s a great community work, and provides direct links to free MP3s. My favorite tune of all episodes still is Eyes from Rogue Wave, that you can listen at the band’s MySpace page. While you’re waiting for the next episode, how about listening to this heroic playlist?

Just in case anyone is interested in the singles, below are my favorite Heroes to tracks and albums by Rogue wave, Sigur Ros and Imogen Heap.:

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  1. anyone know the song on the last episode when the narration is on in the begining and the end? says:

    anyone know the song on the last episode when the narration is on in the begining and the end?

  2. I’ve had a look around but can’t find what I’m looking for. There was a track played in New York in the first episode for a very brief moment in a street/shop scene.

    The track sounded like the sountrack to Magnum PI (à la Tom Selleck… original music by Mike Hammer if my trivial pursuit knowledge serves me correctly) but with some hard punjabi trance beats behind it.

    I’d love to find this song or at least listen to it again.

  3. does anyone know the name of the song and the singer of the song that Parkman played for his wife when he prepared the “perfect dinner” for her?

  4. After the first two episodes there was a very quick behind the scenes extra. As it was finishing there was a song played that went something like OOOOOOoooooo ooooo OOOOOOooooo oooooo in the chorus. (Sorry for lack of lyric!) Anyone able to help?? Please!!

  5. Does anyone know the Indian String instrument that is often played in some of the shows more “sentimental moments”
    Is it a Sarangi? Dilruba? or something else.

  6. yes!! the OOOOOOoooooo ooooo OOOOOOooooo oooooo song, if you find it please tell, I have had it in my head for ages and i just need to know what it is!!

  7. I want the OOOOOOoooooo ooooo OOOOOOooooo oooooo song also. Somebody help us please!!!

  8. Its a collaboration between, Wendy, Lisa (They have a band name that escapes me) and a guy called Ravi Shankar that put it together, still looking for it but not far off now, i’ll post here when I do

  9. Ok this is really freaky. I was just going through some CSI/Nip Tuck tunes I downloaded and I think this is the track???

    Bliss – Song For Olabi

    Let me know if I’m right as I don’t have Heroes to check

  10. does anyone knows the song when peter and about to die in the last episode 23, i find it very emotional.

  11. does anyone knows the song when peter and bro about to die in the last episode 23, i find it very emotional.

  12. Someone might have asked already, but I really gotta know what song is played in the second episode “don’t look back” right at the very beginning when it shows Peter getting ready to jump off the building. You can’t hear it very well because Mohinder is talking, but luckily the song is played again in the sixth episode “better halves” around 41 minutes into the show when Nikki is lying on the ground after DL sticks his hand through her. any help would be awesome. thanks.

  13. go to and you can listen to samples of music from the show to get a fix – it can’t be long before the ost is released – too many people want it – badly!

  14. ok, I may have found a contact to get hold of Wendy and Lisa, he is on the case, the indian chant like sounds won’t be released until much later I think. I tried ripping it off of the last episode. but cnat take out Nathan’s voice (his speech) – still, nearly there..

  15. Ok, for all of those who wanted the oooooooOOOOOOoooooo oooooooOOOOOOOooooooo song, i’m nearly there! I know it is sung by U2, just don’t know the title yet. Will post it as soon as i have it.

  16. I think the Oooooooo OOooooooooo song is an extended version of the theme tune. If you listen to the track” Bande Originale – 1×01 (claire dans les flammes ‘mix’)” on i think it is this one but what its called in english and how to get it i don’t know…???

    Please help me any1

  17. The one I was wanting is on the and it’s called “Bandes Originale” – “Heroes intro longue version”. Thats the exact one that I want but I have no idea where to get a downloadable one! I guess someone just made it for the show – doesn’t sound too much like an actual song – anyone know?

  18. hi i was wondering you know the opening scene and mohinder is talking, there is a tune and it seems like a women hyming any idea what its called??

  19. hep pplz..the soundtrack url looking for is at ..called ‘heroes intro’ download it to ur pc u gotta right click and click ‘save video as’ and save will work on media player classic and can be converted to mp3 by using switch

  20. well u mite be looking for the 1 ‘above heroes intro’..i prefer it..its called ‘claire dans les flammes mix’

  21. The only thing I found was Wendy Melvoin/Lisa Coleman and Shenkar – it comes up on the credits at the beginning of Heroes (1st series) – I guess it’s just called Heroes Main Theme or someting. Shenkar has brought out a new album called Open The Door. Maybe its on there…

  22. i dont no much about the songs but i do like them.. there is one i like but i dont no what its called… its on disk7of the season one box set on the main menu… i really want to get it but i dont what its called, can someone help?

  23. i would like to know, were is the free tracks to download…on that web blog…?

    I want those musics so bad…:/

  24. Those really stirring, vocal-heavy tracks from Heroes that have captured my imagination sound like the same artist from a few Nicolas Cage movies (listen during Con-Air & Gone in 60 Seconds)

  25. Does anyone know the song (apparently from Heroes) that has the lyrics…. Only i can make my day….
    sung by a female. I need this song!!
    Please help!!

  26. Then, we found the Oooooooo song or nothing yet ? I am trying hard to get it these 2 hours but i can’t. I found it like you said at the france blogspot or something like that and it’s name is claire dans les flammes or something like that. how do we get the whole song and from where ? i mean to download it from somewhere . . . Title or artist …

  27. can any1 pls tell me what is that background music on the heroes season 2 commercial/sneak preview featuring claire and nikki? many thanks!

  28. there is a tune and it seems like a women hyming any idea what its called??
    it isn’t in this france site :/
    if any1 knows plz help

  29. the song i want is at the 6th episode season 1 at 41mins 05seconds when it shows isaac

  30. hey does anyone know the piece of music that is played when mr bennet (claire’s dad) is shot and had his memory wiped? it’s at the end of episode 17 (company man)

  31. hi does anybody know the name of the song playing in the club when DL finds niki/gina ???please

  32. The closest I can come to the first couple of words in that 6th episode is this:
    Ande kuranam charinama michde
    Who knows if it’s even a language. but that is the closest I can come to some sort of written form of it. I want that song. It had to me made for a reason. THere’s gotta be a full version of it out there somewhere.

  33. @Cara Lee
    Try looking up Madonna’s “Shanti Ashtangi” from her 1998 album “Ray of Light”
    The song you are looking for may be a version of Madonna’s song. Good luck πŸ™‚

  34. If all of you want Heroes SoundTracks you should go to WikiPedia There are all the soundTracks…I will write here a few…Heroes Title – Wendy&Lisa…Fire an Regenerations – Wendy&Lisa…He’s Frank – Brighton PortAuthority featuring Iggy Pop…All for Swinging Tou Around – New Pornographers…These are a few…In total are 18 SoundTracks of Volume I and II…ByAndreyTheHero

  35. I know for who is intrested…in PowerLess(Season2Episode11)I know who or I’m almost sure on who killed Nathan Petrelli…it was Noah Bennet…I saw that on the Internet and I am sure because there was a lot of reasons…I think Bob(The Boss of Company)obbligated Noah to kill Nathan for punishment and for betraing him…That all I know…By AndreyTheHero

  36. For who is Intrested I know that in The Volume III There are gonna be 12 Sylars because Sylar took the red Hair’s girl power…the girl who took him from the plaza area…so he multiplicated…I saw that on a trailer…but I don’t know why he multiplicated…ByAndreyTheHero

  37. All the songs are here…Heroes Title – Wendy&Lisa…Fire an Regenerations – Wendy&Lisa…HeÂ’s Frank – Brighton PortAuthority featuring Iggy Pop…All for Swinging Tou Around – New Pornographers…Glad It’s Over – Wilco…Weightless – Nada surf…Nine in the afternoon – Panic at the disco…Chills – My morning Jacket…Natural selection – Wendy&Lisa…ABoneCroneDrone 3 – Sheila Chandra…Not Now But Soon – Imogen Heap…Jealously Rides With Me – Death Cab for Cutie…All things must pass – The Jesus and Mary Chain…Homecoming – Wendy&Lisa…Man in the long black coat – Bob Dylan…Maya’s Theme – Yerba Buena…Keeping my composure – The chemical Brothers featuring Spank Rock…Heroes – David Bowie…These are all the SoundTracks of Volume I and II…ByAndreyTheHero

  38. one song i was hoping to find in the ost but is not there….
    i wanted the instrumental new age song that was sublty playing in the background when mrs petreli was mourning over peter’s dead body… i initially thought it was wendy and lisa’s fire and regeneration but it was not, it sounds similar but thats not it…

    does anybody know which song i am refereing to? thanks

  39. Sorry about not replyig on this post too often, but it seems you all been great on getting the right answer. Much better that i would ever could do it.

    I’m a regular fan, that just can’t wait for the next season to premiere. If it has a good soundtrack, i wouldn’t minf, of course.

    Thanks for the great feedback here. Any idea how i could help out on this post (reedit maybe?)

  40. i like the sound playing at the background wen claire sat wit zack on the Hollywood sign post just before she jumped.. it was played again wen she was trying to explain to zach after he found out about her dad. does anyone know how i could get it?

  41. Theres a bit early on in series 1 where it shows all the heroes briefly, and it plays this song which is quite quiet, with acoustic guitar. I remember Hiro is standing on the roof of the office block looking up and everyone else is doing excercise….

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song/singer/band?

  42. My favorite song in heroes is la macarena singed by Metallica, it rocks !!!!

  43. im not sure if this is the song most of you are looking for… but its been used in heroes a couple times…and it took me a long time to find it so… heres a link

    hope that helps some of you

  44. i know everyone must know this(but i’m having a time finding it) what is the song when the eclipse is passing in the very first episode?

  45. the oooooo song i think you may be referring to is by Band of Horses, and it is called “The Funeral”

  46. Anyone knows the name of the song that played on today’s episode when Sylar is thinking back and seeing his dad kill his mom?? I’m in love with but can’t remember any lyrics πŸ™

  47. there seems for questions here then answers..but great post/thread πŸ˜€

    im tryin to find the name of the music which is played during the first 1 hours 10mins of Heroes Orientation s04e01-02 .. its like techno.. REALLY CRAVING FOR THE MUSIC!

  48. I looking for too this music in the s04e01-02 1:10min.

    Pls help us πŸ™‚

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