Music and arts at Tate Tracks

Fallon UK won last week the One Show Award for Exceptional Innovation in Media & Marketing , with their Tate Modern campaign. The project invited music artists such as Chemical Brothers or The Klaxons to produce of a series of new music tracks inspired by works at the gallery.

Tate Tracks

It’s a bit old news, since the website is online since September, sharing the exclusive tracks, that were first available only to the visitors to listen at the gallery. Check video below for the full case study.

It’s interesting to see that collaborations between popular culture, advertising and brands are becoming more frequent. Whether it’s guerrilla or a new use of media (check also the Newsbreaker action), the future of advertising is increasingly searching for references in popular culture and inviting citizens to be/make the advertising experience.

One thought on “Music and arts at Tate Tracks

  1. I think it’s about being immersed in people’s life in a way that are not already negative about what’s is coming (like with TV).

    When you open your mind to deal with the unexpected you more “available” to connect.

    Besides it’s fun. And everyone likes that.

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