Shameless Promotion: Pixelbirds


Pixelbirds is the collective from old friend/co-worker Silvana Catazine and Alex Zitzmann, from Barcelona. I follow closely their installations and audiovisual experiences, so it’s nice to know they have been in Fabbrica 07.

Link to MySpace video: City Mix – Cube Pusher

Their latest work is an exploration of the cube as a pixel metaphor, with a video projection over live performers. A blend between VJeing and performance art, it’s a great showcase of their wide range of abilities. With several works in electronic media they also have some fine motion graphics and graphic design. When i met Silvana, she did mostly graphic design, so it’s rewarding to see her with such innovative projects. Bona sort, Silvana !

P.S: You definitely deserve to be at Ars Electronica !

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