Spock, the people search engine

 Spock search engine

Just received my beta invitation to Spock, a startup focused on searching people, exploring an area where Google isn’t very active. Being in the middle of some recruitment process, i find it very hard to get in touch with people that have few or none information online, and they don’t seem to care enough about networking with other professionals or uploading their portfolio/CV .

The obvious choices to this kind of task would be LinkedIn, Wink or but even these are quite limited in their search features. Spock ads some interesting features such as people tags, relationships between profiles or user reviewed data (sort of WikiPeople) . Most of this information is aggregated thanks to web services such as Google API or meta tags provided by (many) social networks, and Spock is bringing them all together in one place.

If Spock gets some traction, it will be one of the most interesting search companies I’ve seen in a while, specially when you consider the amount of competitive advantage you get with large amounts of user data collected, and in this case, a rather interesting one: business contacts. Really interesting would be if they manage to implement microformats.

I’ve got 3 invites left, so contact me and you might get one. Oh, some screenshots as an appetizer:

Spock screenshot #1

Spock screenshot #2

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