I know all the Section 508 Rehabilitation Act guidelines push software companies to some additional efforts regarding accessibility, but one has to wonder if all that money at Microsoft wasn’t able to deliver a better speech recognition technology for Vista.
Check the painful (and humorous) efforts of this guy trying to write a Perl script.

2 thoughts on “Correct-delete-MS-speech-recognition

  1. Well, I guess the speech recognition is not revolutionary. But is indeed a very large step…

    I think if this guy from the clip read the help, or some information about how it works and what commands can be used, we could have a entirely different experience.

  2. I agree it’s a bit biased. Pick a Mac application and start doing things they weren’t supposed to do (DVD authoring in iMovie, for example), and you probably will get the same bloopers.

    Nice effort from Redmond, though.

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