DraftFCB represents Portugal at Young Criatives

Congratulations to friends/co-workers André Breda and Filipe Graça for being selected to represent Portugal at this year edition of Young Creatives competion at Cannes Lions.

So, without further delay, here are their entries:

Press (Honorable Mention, Awarded):


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“Fighting climate changes helps to protect your business”
“Invest in your environment”

Cyber (Honorable Mention):


“If you don’t invest enough on environment”
“You’ll have a different cost later.”

After giving a hand at previous Cyber winners such as Leonardo and Claudio, or Tiago and Carlos, this year i was quite proud for these brillliant folks having earned 2 honorable mentions, and being selected to compete at Cannes. Oh, did i mention that we won Cannes Young Creatives award in 2004?