YouTube goes full screen

You visit a place so many times that you just don’t notice what is changing under the hoods. While checking my video channel i was intrigued with what seemed a resize button …

Fullscreen button at YouTube

Well, to my amazement I was quite surprised to find that the video player at YouTube (not at the embedded videos) now has full screen capabilities:

YouTube Fullscreen

I really don’t know if this has been around for long, or if it has anything to do with the recent Apple TV deal, but i can’t help wondering if Google isn’t preparing the ground for a Joost killer, if the rumors of YouTube video content encoded with H.264 are true.

On the tech side, this feature is only available since the release of Adobe Flash Player 9. So don’t bother to check if you still have an older version (you’re probably one of the few 17%).

One thought on “YouTube goes full screen

  1. Actually i think it has.
    ..been around for while, that is.

    After some googling i found this pscreen of one of the first players YouTube used and the fullscreen was already available. This was April 2006.

    It has changed shape through the new players but always kept that lower right position.

    How did you manage to miss it all this time? =)

    Also, i’ve been getting this funny loading animation since those rumors about the H.264 started and the quality is indeed better on those videos.
    Some say is only for Apple TV. Other say that iPod and iPhone don’t support the current flv (flash video) format…

    Anyway, YouTube and Google are serious on keeping the number one spot on online video sharing.

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