Future Of Online Advertising snippets

As a tribute to Lynette, i’m posting here my favorite quotes of the Future of Online Advertising Conferece, in the form of interesting snippets.

Future Of Online Advertising

Heather Luttrell (IndieClick)

Snippet 1

Who are we to say what the future of advertising is? What we can do is provide a framework to analyse which sites are up and coming for advertisers/marketers.

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Jeremy Allaire (Brightcove)


Fragment or be fragmented

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Henry Copeland (Blogads.com)

Snippet 3

There are billions of touchpoints out there now. And that’s what makes it so difficult for marketers – they’re running away from you into the corners.

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Kim Malone (Google)

Google as mass media

The Google network recreates the effect of mass media when there were only a few channels on network TV.

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