Here they are, 3 ex aequo winners at Cannes Cyber Lions 2007:

First, from the wacky Swedish folks Far Far, the Diesel voyeuristic experience: 2 girls kidnapping a sales guy and reporting the whole thing live, with several cameras 24×5, showcasing the new Diesel Intimate collection.


(check the demo site here)

Second, the work by R/GA for Nike+. It’s one of the most astonishing examples of integrated marketing you’ll see this year.

Nike Plus

Last, the pre-announced and most obvious choice, the Evolution video for Dove by Ogilvy Toronto.
While the viral video is the tour-de-force for convincing clients of the power of online marketing, the Nike initiative is pointing the right direction, with their efforts of bringing closer consumers and brands.

I’m saving the other awards to waste time research this weekend.