Jonathan Moore (

Jonathan Moore has just relaunched his personal portfolio.

New Ezra

In web 1.0 days, Eric Jordan was one of my most respected interactive professionals at the same level as Yugo Nakamura or Hillman Curtis. Eric created the new media agency 2advanced, with several website reincarnations (v3, v4) that caused quite a stir in webdesign world whenever they were launched.

2advanced v5

I’ve just got in touch with one of the 2advanced team members, art director Jonathan Moore, that launched his portfolio at, with several well known works, the main one being the 2advanced v5 and Moto Pebl.


Jonathan is in the interactive industry for 6 years, working with clients such as Disney, Ford, Chevrolet, Adobe, Motorola, Capcom, EA or Adidas. Has many in our industry he also defines himself as a “jack-of-all-trades approach that he has towards projects with a skill set ranging including art direction, flash motion, flash development, motion design, 3d production, web-standards build, and a working knowledge of development languages.”


He also reminded me of one studio lab i forgot to mention on my previous Interactive Playgrounds post, the plat4m blog, also developed and designed by him, and where Eric Jordan posts.

It’s always difficult to have the time to update a personal portfolio if you’re deeply involved in (great) client work, so my congratulations to Jonathan for the New Ezra relaunch.