Google – DoubleClick explained

The real deal in first person (that being Alex Kinnier, Google’s Group Product Manager). Or the MUST READ article if you don’t have a clue about the online advertising industry.

“Why we’re buying DoubleClick” (Official Google Blog)

Google DoubleClick explained

Some favorite quotes:

By enabling our AdSense network to work with DoubleClickÂ’s delivery mechanisms, for example, advertisers can obtain more precise metrics in order to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The value to the advertiser-agency of an ad-serving company such as DoubleClick is having a single place to measure and report on all online campaigns for ads that run on different sites across the web.

Why we’re buying DoubleClick
In summary, we’re buying DoubleClick because:

1. DoubleClick’s products and technology are complementary to our search and and content-based text advertising business, and give us new opportunities to improve online advertising for consumers, advertisers and publishers.
2. Historically, we’ve not allowed third parties to serve into Google’s AdSense network, which has made it hard for advertisers to get performance metrics. Together, Google and DoubleClick can deliver a more open platform for advertisers, and provide the metrics they need to manage marketing campaigns.
3. By combining Google’s infrastructure with DoubleClick’s knowledge of agencies and publishers, we can create the next generation of more innovative ad serving technology, one that significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of online advertising.
4. To manage ad inventory, some of the largest publishers use DoubleClick DART for Publishers – but a good portion of it goes unsold. It’s our view that the combination of DoubleClick and Google will help these publishers succeed by monetizing their unsold inventory.

From a technical perspective, Google will also be able to get web pages to load faster by reducing latency from ad servers.

Highlights are mine. Think about them.

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