Papervision: the next dimension of Flash


With the new Flash Player 9 came runtime improvements, a new Actionscript 3 scripting language or other features such as fullscreen player.The releases of Flash SDK allowed the open source community to build some fantastic APIs and engines, with Papervision3D establishing himself as the “de facto” 3d engine for flash development.


The project was initially released by Carlos Ulloa (from Hi-Res London), John Grden (from BLITZ) and Ralph Hauwert (from UnitZeroOne) under the MIT open source license and offers linear texture mapping and optimized rendering speed and quality for 3d within the Flash Player.

One of the lead developers, Carlos Ulloa, has just released his personal website and lots of people were introduced to the beauties and potential of Papervision 3d (besides the usual Flash geeks that already awarded the engine at Flash In The Can). While Carlos’ work is one great example, let me introduce some other notable Papervision 3D projects:

Have fun!

update: John Gren has just released the Papervision Flash Components for Flash CS3.

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  1. a ideia do Carlos Ulloa está mesmo muito boa (:

    mas não gosto de sites apenas em flash só : s

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