More Candystand games

Warning: serious time waster ahead !


Fuel Industries from Canada has been releasing several online games at Most of them are refreshed versions of classic games, but still a great fun. Here they are, the latest ones:

  1. 10 Pin Pro-Tour Bowling
  2. Awesome Blossom
  3. Billiards
  4. Calculation Solitaire
  5. Extreme Air Hockey Challenge
  6. Free Cell Solitaire
  7. Golf Solitaire
  8. Klondike Solitaire
  9. Match Point Tennis
  10. Mah Jongg
  11. Pyramid Solitaire
  12. Target Bowling

One interesting addition is the localized branding for the gaming portal of Wrigley’s candies, available now just for US and UK, but with other releases coming soon. While advergaming is greatly focused at traditional games (PC or console) or related to experiences such as Second Life, sometimes we find these fresh developments at sites like CandyStand or MiniClip.

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