Little Big Planet website

Media Molecule are a brand new game studio (new as in since the beginning of 2006) from UK that joined forces with Sony to produce Little Big Planet, a recently announced game for Playstation3. The title has taken the big studios by surprise, proving that if innovation and creativity is nurtured (check their lab), great products come along.

(Alex Evans presenting the title)

(longer video demo at GDC, San Francisco)

With a website that reminds me the works by Saul Bass, with a touch of Friz Freleng, it was probably developed by Rexbox, that previously worked on Rag Doll Kung Fu the cult game were the founders came from.


I’m not quite sure if the game is a result or an answer to web 2.0, but it surely represents a in-your-face slam dunk at Second Life, that seems to be loosing the enfatuation. The game’s juicy features have several of the best things of today’s web:

  • players can create their own character: Second Life, Gizmoz or user generated content done right
  • customize your material: social networking profile “pimping”
  • add your own items: hmm, widgets maybe ??
  • ability to create your own detailed 3d worlds: think iGoogle
  • upload them to the playstation network: social media, youtube culture
  • invite others to play in you environments: communities, social networks again

Oh, on top of all that it’s educational, with lovely characters and seems to have a hell of a physic engine. Now they only need to add some RSS feeds so i can check my friends latests updates and i’m all set to Gaming 3.0.

(as if we needed the buzzword. Gaming is all about the ride)