Shameless PromoTion: David Carvalho

Back to another Shameless PromoTion feature, highlighting the portuguese designer David Carvalho.

David has just relaunched his portfolio at, replacing the previous with some new work, now under the roof of Spirituc. Having started Pkage Design, he also funded other online portuguese projects such as Camouflage (offline) or RuaDeBaixo.

Pkage Theme
Pkage site theme

A prolific artist, he’s part of Musa Collective and featured in projects like: Rojo Magazine, Dif Magazine, Orgasmik Design, Musabook, WIWP, NLF Magazine, Passvite, My Brand, Magnolia, Blank Magazine, Le Cool Magazine, Search Megazine, 1976 DVD, Digit Magazine, Victionary Books, Dezperados, Pink boy, Karacter Models, Puma, Bloop & Loop Recordings.

At you can also find the various exhibitions were David was involved and a news section with some personal rants.

A tip to David: how about a RSS feed, so we can pull the good stuff?

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  1. I will work on the RSS 🙂 thanks for the kind words about my work :). best.

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