Flash in High Definition

Big news. As in “High Definition” news. Tinic Uro was giving some hints were the Flash Player might be heading, but the next Flash Player public release is really something. Let’s see:

  • Partial MPEG-4, 3GP and QuickTime movie support
  • Support for iTunes ID3 tags
  • H.264 decoding
  • AAC decoding

Now we can load mp4 or 3gp files the same way FLV files are loaded. You can start to mashup some serious mobile+video+audio+data appplications.
If MySpace and YouTube push this upgrade forward then we’ll have found a de-facto cross platform media player and start forgetting that ajaxy things

Flash still rules whan it comes to rich internet applications (heck, macromedia coined the term RIA).
If you want to get a bit more technical, read this.

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