Put it where you want it Tour

Sanchez Tour

Many of you might remember the Nike advert with Ronaldinho, where he repeatdly shoot balls at the bar. Well, Nike is hitting again, this time with the Sanchez boyz and their search fo “the most deadly accurate player in the universe”. Go ahead and check their target practice with Wayne Rooney.

At, you can follow the Sanchez tour with other players, and they even gave a quick jump to Portugal, altough I was expecing to see Cristiano Ronaldo and not Thorsten Frings !!!! Some serious geographical confusion at Nike headquarters (or at Wieden+Kennedy), specially when their current signature “Joga Bonito” in portuguese.

Of course, they didn’t forget the CGM side of things, and provided a downloadable target so you could practice and then upload your video to “The Shooting Gallery”, where videos can be ranked.

Shooting Gallery

Too bad a embed code or permalink wasn’t provided so videos (and the campaign) could be easily promoted by fans. I really don’t understand why this is forgotten again and again with
CGM contests, being actually easy to implement. Specially when there are really fun videos at the gallery, with some of them almost so unbelievable as the one from Ronaldinho.