Nothing But The Truth

Nike Skateboarding

After moaning about Nike not providing a way to embed the videos in one of my latests posts, i see they’re doing it right at the recently launched online campaign “Nothing But The Truth“, for their Skateboard line (Nike SB). With a MySpace profile, and lots of clips (with Flash permalinks) that could have been part of Reservoir Dogs, the campaign is on the right track for this Fall full movie premiere.

P.S. then again, maybe not, as the video isn’t streaming in Firefox !!! Is somebody listening at NIKE ?!?!?!?!? Maybe is time to take the jobs from the interactive interns and forward it to the senior guys until it’s done right !

Update (12.09.07): they got the embed streaming, but now it’s autostarting by default. That does it, i’m removing the video.

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