iPhone and Al Ries convergence

With the announcement last Monday of 1 million iPhones sold after 74 days, the apple gadget had one of the most successful consumer electronics launches in years, slashing the previous iPod milestone.

Considering the recent price reductions and the yet to come worldwide launches, it came to mind a note that JPC wrote regarding Al Ries article on AdAge, predicting that the iPhone would be a failure.

Al Ries and the iPhone

I don’t know about Laura and Al, but I’m seriously reviewing their convergence theory. Or perhaps the marketeers should reconsider the assumption that the iPhone was a convergent device. With the current sales numbers and the holiday season coming, Steve Jobs must be doing something right. At least, Apple has a hell of a “convergent” brand.

Having recently used the iPhone and seeing other consumers reactions, i doubt that anyone is worried about convergence. Most consumers are looking for something different that offers a great experience. A purple cow experience.
I guess Seth Godin was right, but for marketing’s sake, let’s all hope that Al isn’t Steve Ballmer’s friend (that predicted a iPhone failure for other reasons).

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