It’s been a long time since dancing babies had prime time in interactive marketing. JWT France and interactive agency 5emeGauche did his best on a integrated campaign for Wilkinson, bringing the kids to the spotlight again with Fight For Kisses.

With a funny blockbuster style intro movie, the site has a remarkable approach to advergaming, allowing users to download a full game (produced by Ginger Studios) where our GI-Baby can kick some ***. A huge 99 MB download nonetheless, but no pain, no gain (pun intended).

Fight For Kisses

As if a free game wasn’t enough, the brand gives you a chance to win several prizes when you get a high score. Gosh, traditional advertising is in serious trouble if interactive marketing continues to deliver this kind of rich experiences.

6 thoughts on “Fight For Kisses

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  3. These French nationalists really deserve a lobotomy. Why on Earth do they name a game in english (“Fight for kisses”), when there’s not a “switch to English” option on that stupid flashpage? Will they ever grow up?

  4. If a game is advertised in English, the game should be in english too! When you go to the site, the damn this is in French. To get people interested in a game that cannot be played cuz you don`t speak the language, that is unfair. They should have to publish the site in english as well.

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