My mind is in awe with the preview site for Halo 3. What a superb work from AKQA.

Halo3: Believe

I Believe. In great online advertising experiences.

Update: Meanwhile, i’ve digged a little and found some interesting facts:


2 thoughts on “Hail to Halo

  1. It’s brilliant and the dramatic background music only makes the whole set even better!

    This whole Halo3 campaign is definitely a landmark in game advertising.

  2. Was it just me not impressed with the website?? I mean, nice idea, very well done video/trailer, awesome music (have I mentioned Chopin has been around for… ages??) and… that’s it!!!!

    It all looked like a giant playground, with action figures glued into position, cool explosions but that were probably made out of colored plastic, etc….

    Oh well… not a great online experience in my opinion… and the biggest hype being created by M$… after Vista! :/

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