Super Bock Blog Awards

Nice to know that portuguese brands are spreading some link love to from national bloggers. Rather than the usual top 100 blogs, the portuguese brewery, is awarding the best portuguese blog with €3000.

SBSR Blog Awards

From the site:
“Super Bock Super Blog Awards are a tribute to you and all those who celebrate every day the portuguese language and the freedom of speech, helping to create a new Internet, a Web 2.0. Let’s make our own blog party in Portugal, awarding the importance of this (…) platform”.

“With this initiative, Super Bock intends to promote the best Blogs, and invite all portuguese to be part of our national online identity”

There’s not much of a chance for me to win, since they only allow portuguese written blogs. Go figure.
Anyway, if you’re a portuguese blogger, go ahead and register your blog.

5 thoughts on “Super Bock Blog Awards

  1. I would rather say “gather some link love from national bloggers”

    ThereÂ’s not much of a chance for me to win, since they only allow portuguese written blogs. Go figure.”

    Honest, it wasn’t me…

  2. Hi Antonio.
    You’re right: FROM.
    But what you mean by “Honest it wasn’t me” ?

  3. Erm, this is not a prestigious award. It is most likely a crowdsourcing event: free advertisement for a year. But… in which blogs? Top blogs? No. They will never participe in a “competition” where they are obliged by rule to give away eleven months of free advertisement. Not even B-bloggers: these are aware of their brand and their audience.
    Guess who, then… Exactly, this is not going to promote de best blogs but the worst.
    So, António, don’t regret your luck 😉

  4. @Paulo
    I didn’t really bother to check the regulation, but now that i’ve read your post, i realized that Super Bock has a hard time in grasping the concept of “architecture of participation” and really don’t have a clue about CONVERSATIONS.

    The positive thing is the award, but from a PR point of view, they should have started by reaching the community and get some advice on how to get some positive initial seeding.

    Next time they should start by writing something useful such as these “Blog Code of Ethics” by Ogilvy, instead of a ruthless regulation.

  5. The only thing people forget to mention, is that not only the winners, but all people registering their blogs on those awards, allow SuperBock to do whatever they want with the content of the blog, with no time frame specified.

    What can get out of it?
    At first free publicity in hundreds of blogs… then use your imagination. They can use key sentences from any blog, even full posts and use them as they like, without having to respect copyright, since people agreed with the terms of the competition.

    It is a dishonest promotion and really offensive.

    But how many people read the terms of agreement before clicking “yes” or “i read and understood”?

    Very few and those few are not on their lists.

    Also, there is no option your their website, to delete your blog from their listings, you have to e-mail them before the voting starts, once it starts, blogs cannot be taken from their lists and they OWN your intellectual property in that blog!

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