Online Video for creative minds

To refresh our daily creativity, it’s always helpful to have a different perspective, such as to change our online video diet. Here are some fine selected resources that are guaranteed to ignite your creative sparkle.

Some of the videos are really worth keeping for future reference, so get the Firefox extensions DownloadThemAll and DownloadHelper to easily save them.

  1. The mother lode:

    If you care to browse for a while and ignore the game trailers you can bum into the original 1932 Nosferatu, The Kid with Charlie Chaplin, What To Do In A Zombie Attack or something more surrealistic such as Un Chien Andalou by Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel. As many of the movies have keywords and descriptions, it’s easier to find a movie on a particular subject.

  2. A daily dose of entertainment:Videos with Bibi

    Videos With Bibi

    From Brazil, a premium selection of movies available on the web. Recent additions include It’s a Wonderful Life by Frank Capra, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins or Sicko by Michael Moore.

  3. Curating the web: SpecialTen.Tv

    One of my favorites, with several awarded short movies and with careful chosen content (heck, they even feature Arcade Fire) . Warning: be generous on the bandwidth.

  4. Ideas worth viewing: Ted Talks

    Ted talks

    Each year the world’s most brilliant minds gather at Monterey, inviting speakers such as Al Gore, Richard Branson, Steven Levitt, Steven Pinker and many others discussing themes ranging from Technology to Global Issues. The videos are later posted live, but with such passion from the speakers it’s as if we were there.

  5. Concrete Video poetry: UbuWeb


    There’s more at UbuWeb than meets the eye, so when you land on the film section you could spend days wondering around the video works of acknowledged directors or artists such as Orson Welles, Dziga Vertov, Marcel Duchamp or Ginsberg.

  6. The cream of the crop: Motionographer


    A digest in motion design and animation, where you can find works by renowned studios such as Blur, Lobo, Imaginary Forces or Psyop. And even if a picture is worth a thousand words, they also have great content.

  7. DIY video hackers: MakeTV


    The video podcast of MakeZine, it’s a somewhere between a video tutorial channel and a crazy professor showroom.
    Learn how to program in Arduino, make a ring out of a coin or build a Grocery Propelled Vehicle on a Weekend Project .Pretty cool if you ask me.

  8. RIP: The Show with Ze Frank

    The Show With Ze Frank

    One of the first “weblebreties”, the man really knows how to entertain. Having seen him live, my best compliment would be to regard Ze as the “Buster Keaton of the web”.

  9. The real fun: Comedy Central

    Comedy Central

    South Park, Daily Show with John Stewart, Sarah Silverman. ‘Nugh said.

So, what’s your excuse for still watching home made videos on YouTube?