In Britain, they really push hard with their military marketing efforts. Earlier this year i wrote about GetTheMessage, and now it’s time for Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to launch a new advergaming campaign.

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Massive Inc selected popular titles as Tom Clancy Splinter Cell, Need for Speed or Quake Wars for advert placement, trying to reach a younger audience that has fewer traditional media consumption and gamers with interest in IT, with the billboards placed within the Xbox 360 games. Or how a wannabe Master Chief might become the next security expert of the MI5.

GCHQ website

On the website you can find all the major threats that Britain faces through a flash interface worthy of James Bond, with several challenging spy activities, a fun interactive way to describe the Graduated opportunities available at GQHQ.

As with the military recruitment, the advertising industry is facing their own battle. With the news of companies like Nike and IBM shifting their media placement, one of the challenges is how to find bright young minds that are keen on these new tools and disciplines, but still having a true passion for marketing and advertising.

P.S: Andre pointed out the coincidence that many of the popular military online marketing efforts usually come from the Commonwealth countries or the USA. Have you heard of any other ones without an English accent ?

Source: The Guardian, via Advertising Etc