3 thoughts on “Scared of Facebook

  1. I don’t know about you, but LinkedIn knows a lot more sensitive information about me than Facebook.

    So what, they (fb) know what music I like to hear (so does and everyone who subscribes my lifestream), they know what movies I like watch… and?

    That works in my advantage. If I don’t get advertisements about stuff I don’t like, I’m fine with them using that. Just like I don’t mind receiving emails from Amazon with suggestions that suit my tastes.

    The scary part is not that they have the data.. is what people are putting in there. If you’re documenting your entire life, home addresses, phone numbers, etc., then the problem is YOU not them.

    Those words on the terms of service? You would get scared if you read the terms of all services. That’s lawyers talk, to prevent legal action.

    Please, if you’re leaving facebook, be coherent and leave ALL social networks: hi5, linkedin, myspace,, etc. They all have “sensitive” information on their db’s.

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