Interesting Snippets: the book

Lynette Webb has just released her “Interesting Snippets” book, available for sale at, with part of the profits donated to the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, a UK charity organization.

Interesting Snippets book

For those who don’t know Lynette, she has a fantastic flickr set, with slides describing the changes in online and media. She works for Isobar and is a guest author at Future Lab.

Flickr Interesting Snippets

Besides being self published, the wonderful thing about this book is that photos are all from flickr users thanks to a creative commons license, with Lynette carefully selecting quotes for the captions on each slide. I often use some of her slides for presentations and even have been inspired to create some of my own, so it’s wonderful she has pulled this digital resource out of the web into paper.

Great work, Lynette (and co-photographers) !

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