I’m feeling rather lazy to write a decent post, so here’s a load of links:

  • TV goes “down the rabbit hole“. That is,

    CSI:New York is now in Second Life.

    Video here:

  • Global social networks outlook by comscore. Or why the world doesn’t revolve around US.
  • Financial Markets 101

    Source:Marc Andreessen

  • Lufthansa launched RumorTravels, where you can play around with traditional prejudices on countries. Hmmm, the rumors arena is getting a bit crowded after Guy Kawasaky’s venture?
  • Mixa, one more retro gadget.

  • Fireblogging: or why Twitter isn’t useless.
  • Nico Market, the new website for tobacco lovers.

    Just don’t take the headline serious, since it’s a dark humor European no smoking campaign.

  • The new Pet Shop Boys video is using QR codes

And just in case i’m still feeling lazy on Monday, i can always use the services of The Excused Absence Network.