No, it’s not another Nike campaign. It’s the latest endeavor of Erik Natkze, now a Adobe evangelist for the AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) platform, a cross operating system runtime that allows to build and deploy applications using Flash, HTML and Javascript technologies to the desktop.

Summerfield by Eric Natzke

The technology is usually associated with Rich Internet Applications, but we now have the chance of seeing Natzke using AIR in the same way Joshua Davis did for the web, and coding beautiful generative art.

Fall by Eric Natzke

Using Flash CS3, PNGEncoder and AIR, Natzke takes photos and transforms them into artwork based on the original photograph.

onAIR tour

The technology was showcased in the US, with a onAIR tour, and is probably heading to Europe one of these days, highlighting applications such as Pownce or SalesForce.