Having just read The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda, it was a strange coincidence that he’s announcing the Reebok TimeTanium Limited Edition, available at RbkCustom.

Reebok Custom

The design on the shoe surface was generated by his code, also printed on the outsole. A colorful product design made for those who feel that a shoe is a personal item.

In his book, Maeda makes a point on the role of emotion, that often surpasses our efforts to simplify things. It’s our natural instinct to look for products that we feel emotionally connected, are unique or have character.

Product personalization is now ordinary, with examples spanning from popular shows like Pimp My Ride or the recently launched Zune Originals.

The mass customization trend is stronger in online marketing, with widgets for social network profiles, facebook apps, and personal aggregators. Similarly, sites like Etsy allow users to pick unique items that relate to their personality.

With the recent launch of Google’s Android, the open mobile platform, developers and users can now create their own applications, and apply the same web principles to their cell phones. Again, pimping their product.

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