Beowulf, the website

Tomorrow, the nordic epic premieres. And if the website is an appetizer for the movie, then I’m already a fan.

A gothic atmosphere is sucessfuly achieved, with dense photography, a intense soundtrack, and simple but effective transitions between sections (specially the Grendel’s Mother Lair at the Special Features area). The whole interactive experience has several cinematic effects, a lot like the movie’s recently released video game.

The online strategy features the regular movie website gimmicks such as wallpapers, ringtones, and e-cards, and surprise, surprise, had also a Second Life presence. Screenwriter Neil Gaiman appeared last week (slurl) in the virtual world to talk about the new film and offering a free Beowulf avatar.

Beowulf avatar

Other interesting additions include UGC, with a branded Machiminima video trailer contest, and a series of podcasts to download.

If you still haven’t, watch the latest trailer above, unfortunately without hot Angeline Jolie CG footage.

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  1. Fui ontem à ante-estreia no forum montijo e vi a versão em 3D. Simplesmente babante 😀 Há alturas em que perdes a noção de estares a ver algo completamente artificial, mas ainda não se pode dizer que seja perfeito.

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