Sorry for the triple edit on the latest Beowulf post, but with 3 hours of sleep it’s hard to review titles or use spell checkers.

The reason is quite simple: Sapo Codebits, the programming contest i was in the last 3 days, helping out a team last night.

Boa vida
Master coders and blog mates, Samuel and Luis (photo by JPAntunes)

Our project “Sapo Boa Vida” (Sapo Good Life) was a winner in the Mashup category, an idea of social recommendation based on geo data and Sapo webservices.

Time to get some sleep now.

2 thoughts on “Code sleeping

  1. Hi Armando, sorry I didn’t gave you any credit for your role in the development of Sapo Boa Vida. Since you didn’t gave me any credit on the pic you’re using in this post I’ll consider it even!

    Great job with the app!

  2. Sorry JP, i’ve only backlinked to your post. But as i said, i was really sleepy :).

    Now rightfully credited.

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