Conto do Vento / Tale by the wind

It’s always special when we write about someone whose work we deeply admire, and more important, a true friend. I’ve promised that i would feature his work when he posted some new videos, and now it’s the time. Sorry for those who don’t understand a word of Portuguese spoken on the video below, but this one is really special.

Claudio Jordão is a talented CG Artist and Motion Designer from Algarve, Portugal that worked with me for the past 3 years and has now opened his own studio Kotolab, together with Nelson Martins. One of the main reasons to go solo was his new animation project “Conto do Vento” (Tale By The Wind).

Conto do Vento

The whole story builds upon the concept of setting the wind as narrator, an idea that has been evolving since February. The companion blog (in Portuguese), documents the whole creative process, with concept boards, script descriptions, illustrations and entertaining videos.

Conto do Vento

From what Claudio has told me, this promises to be his most solid short animation, keeping the high standards of his previous work “Esperansia”, that you can watch at his personal website

I’m really curious to find out more about Conto do Vento, so keep those blog posts coming. And again, it’s an honor to have you as a friend.

One thought on “Conto do Vento / Tale by the wind

  1. Obrigado pelo comentário.

    Tenho o teu blog na feeds antes de sequer ter o planeta asterisco.

    E a cena da antral estava optima. Grande ideia! 🙂

    É pena que em portugal passemos a vida a falar de arvores de natal gigantes e nos passe ao lado iniciativas destas.


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