Big thanks to Ricardo from ptFolio, pointing me out to the Brazilian Interactive winners at El Ojo, announced yesterday.

Among other winners, here are my personal favorites:

  • “Driving”, by AlmapBBDO for Volkswagen Brasil

    Golf Superstitial
    A wonderful superstitial powered by Papervision

  • “Test life”, by McCann Erickson for GM

    Test Life

  • “Atchim Games”, by Giovanni DraftFCB Brasil for Bristol-Myers Pharmaceuticals

    Atchim Games

  • “Dengue Fever”, by Escala Brasil for Secretaria Da Saude do Rio Grande do Sul.

    Dengue Fever
    Viral (remember the Daniela Cicarelli video?)

  • “Montana”, for Chevrolet by Salles Chemistri

    Chevrolet Montana
    Expandable rich media

Almap takes their big share of awards, and even they don’t win them all, you can check the whole list of their interactive work.